Chairperson : Dr.V.Anantha Lakshmi, Principal

Vice Principal : Smt.M.Suvarchala

Nominees of the University

  1. Dr. N.Uday Bhaskar, Assistant Professor of Management Studies, AKNU
  2. Dr.N.Sajna Raj, Assistant Professor of English, AKNU
  3. Dr.B.Kezia Rani, Associate Professor of CSE, AKNU

Teachers of the college representing different categories of teaching staff

  1. Dr. K.Lavanya, Academic Coordinator
  2. Dr.G.Anitha, RUSA & UGC Coordinator
  3. Dr.S.Priyadarsini Convenor, Research Committee
  4. Dr.K.Jhnasi Rani Convenor, Inclusive Center

Experts from outside the college representing different fields

  1. Education: Dr.C.Krishna, Regional Joint Director of Collegiate Education AP, Zone I & II, Raja mahendravaram
  2. Commerce: Sir.C.V.N. Gangaram, Chartered Accountant, Gangaram & Co., Kakinada
  3. Law           : Ms. P. Sri Devi, AdCAate, Kakinada
  4. Industry     : Mr. A.V.V.V. Prasad, Senior Manager, Solar Systems Ltd., Kakinada

All the In-charges of the Departments

  1. Dr. P.Sanjotha                          In-charge of English
  2. Dr.D.Krishna Gayatri               In-charge of Telugu
  3. Smt.K.Madhavi                       In-charge  of Sanskrit
  4. Ms. A.Swathi                              In-charge of Hindi
  5. Ms.Y.Sitamahalakshmi                        In-charge of History& Political Science
  6. Ms.G.Pavani Devi                    In-charge of Economics
  7. Smt. R.R.D. Sirisha                  In-charge of Commerce
  8. Smt.M.Suvarchala                    In-charge of Home Science
  9. Sri.K.VenkateswaraRao                       In-charge of Physics & Mathematics
  10. Sri..V.Mallikarjuna Sharma      In-charge of Chemistry
  11. Smt.N.NagaSubrahmanyeswari            In-charge of Computer Science & Statistics
  12. Smt. G.Satya Suneetha             In-charge of Computer Applications
  13. Smt.K.N.V.S.N.Eswari             In-charge of Botany& Horticulture
  14. Smt.M.Vasantha Lakshmi           In-charge of Zoology & Aquaculture Tech.  
  15. Smt.D. Jayasree                                   In-charge of Microbiology
  16. Lt. G. Pramila Rani                  Physical Director

Controller of Examinations

        Dr. K. Yamuna -- Lec-I/c Economics

Member - Secretary

        Dr.P.Sanjotha – Lec-I/c English


1 2017-18
2 2018-19
3 2019-20
4 2020-21
5 2021-22