Women Empowerment Cell

Women Empowerment Cell was established in this college to empower the women students. Women Empowerment Cell composed of Senior Faculty member as Convener and five faculty members as Committee members.

Women Empowerment Cell Committee

  1. Dr. V.ANANTHA LAKSHMI               PRINCIPAL                          CHAIRPERSON
  2. Dr. K.JHANSI LAKSHMI                   LEC. IN CHEMISTRY           CONVENOR
  3. Dr. D. KRISHNA GAYATHRI              LEC. IN TELUGU                 MEMBER
  4. Ms. NPVL DEVI                              LEC. IN COMMERCE           MEMBER
  5. M. SUDHA SRI                                II B. Sc MPC                       STUDENT MEMBER
  6. P. GAURI DURGA BHAVANI             II BA (HEP)                          STUDENT MEMBER

Proceedings of Inclusive Cell - Proceedings 

The objective of Women Empowerment Cell  are

  1. To build Confidence through income generating programmes
  2. To enlighten the importance of health, fitness and nutrition through different programmes.
  3. To provide social awareness by organizing important days related to women & issues related to women.
  4. To make them understand the present position and status of women in the contemporary society.

Women Development Cell organized number of activities like

  • * Self defense courses (taekwando)
  • * Legal awareness programmes by prominent lawayers, Judges
  • * Awareness on Nutrition, Health awareness programmes
  • * Awareness programmes on Women rights, Sexual Crimes ,Gender based discrimination, 33% Reservation Act, etc., under Empowerment Activities.

Activities by Women Empowerment Cell  - Report

The students are capable to understand their role in family and national development, enlightened to many opportunities and self employed.

Women Development Cell planned to involve so many social service activities and making tie up with other organizations to uplift women.

International Women's day Celebrations,08-03- 2020