A library plays a very important role in promoting the progress of knowledge. It can be considered a store – house of knowledge.College library is an integral part of collegiate education. It performs a central function in the educational process in a college. It  is characterized as an organization that preserves books and other reading materials and makes them available to readers.

Our College provides enormous volumes of books to students with the count of books reaching 35000 milestone. Many students get benefitted by these books.

Along with this we also make use of the services provided by INFLIBNET. Our faculty members and students utilize this facility efficiently.


Library Advisory Committee


                    Dr.M.Sulakshana Lecturer in Botany


                    Dr.P.Sanjotha Lecturer in English

                    Dr.K.Yamuna Lecturer in Economics

                    Ms.A.Swathi Lecturer in Hindi

                    Ms.N.Pratyusha Lecturer in English

                    Mr.A.K.V.Acharyulu Librarian

                    Ms.N.Pushpa Lecturer in Botany

                    Ms. G.Sridevi, Lecturer in Maths