Welcome to Computer Science Department

About the Department

The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1998 as one of the Restructured Courses in the College. There are several ways to present the canonical core of computing science. Over the years we have developed a distinctive style and method that bridges the theory-practice divide while remaining grounded in the core. Technology changes rapidly, especially in the field of computing and those who are clear and thorough about the fundamentals can adapt to rapid changes in technology relatively easily. We want the education imparted to our students to be the basis of a lifetime of learning. In the recent past, we had benchmarked our curriculum with select institutions of higher learning and currently we are carefully reviewing the impact of these consequent changes with a view to make our programmes even more strong and competitive.We offer a varied study programme of Choice based Credit System (CBCS) that provides students with a wide range of options to choose from. Our passionate and exceptionally skilled lecturers are pleased to help our students achieve their full potential. Department Library has many reference books and text books for the beneficiary of the students. The faculty members in the department are striving hard with an endeavor to bring better results. Even though the students are mostly from rural background they are very much enthusiastic in attending the classes and other career-oriented programs like JKC etc.The faculty of the Department encourage students to be technically sound by organizing various Workshops on the current Technological evolutions in the field of Computer Science. The students were encouraged to complete various MOOCs courses offered through CISCO,Coursera, NPTEL,SWAYAM etc., Till now 300+ certifications were completed by the students in various courses.


Vision & Mission


To be frontier of Computer Science and equip students with latest skills in the field of technology supplemented with practical orientation to make them globally competent.


To associate continuously with industry in developing curriculum and delivery of content.


  • To improve teaching learning process to achieve academic excellence
  • To teach students how to acquire new knowledge, independently, in a world that changes with ever increasing rapidity.
  • To achieve hundred percent placements for eligible candidates
  • To organize more workshops and seminars on the recent technologies and developments of Computer Science.

Courses offered




Sanctioned Strength


B.Sc.(Computer Science) Major




B.Com. (Vocational-CA)



3 B.Sc.(MSCS) Offered till 2022-23 English 30
4 B.Sc.(MPCS) Offered till 2022-23 English 60


Details of the Faculty


Name of the faculty





N.Naga Subrahmanyeswari

Lecturer in Computer Science


13 Years


K.Surya Lakshmi

Guest Lecturer in Computer Science


1 Years


Activities Taken Up by the Department

The department of Computer Science takes up regular teaching, seminars, assignments, monthly tests, group discussions, Quiz, debates   etc,.  as teaching practices. The department has adopted the modern teaching methods other that lecture method. For better understanding of topics most of the topics are covered through ICT and e- learning. By organizing Guest Lectures, the students were exposed to the lectures of eminent speakers from various colleges. The Department has taken active part in various Community outreach programmes such as creating awareness on Cashless transactions, Janmabhoomi-Maa Ooru etc.