Programmes Offered

Programme Specific Outcomes


(Computer Scince)

PSO1: To understand the principles and working of computer systems and be able to apply computational knowledge and project development skills to provide innovative solutions.

PSO2: To design and develop computer programs and understand the structure and development methodologies of software systems.

PSO3: To apply their skills in the field of algorithms, web design, and data analytics.


PSO1: To understand the importance of Mathematics in learning Physics and Computer Science and vice – versa.

PSO2: To understand the inter – relationship between mathematics and computer science with regard to algorithms, computations and excel calculations, data presentation and data analysis.

PSO3: To understand the inter – relationship between Physics and Computer Science in the design and architecture of computers.

PSO4: To apply the knowledge of Mathematics and Computer Science in solving problems in real life situations.

PSO5: To create employment opportunities in interdisciplinary areas such as data analyst, statistician, and computer – assisted instrument operator etc.,


PSO1: Gain foundation and incremental knowledge in different areas of Commerce

PSO2: Develop basic understanding of conceptual and functional knowledge of software commonly used in academic and professional environments.

PSO3: Provide technical support and computing leverages for improved communication in Office and Business management.