Brief History Of Jawahar knowledge Center:

The Govt. of Andhra Pradesh initiated JKC in 2005 as a reliable solution to the problem of unemployment faced by students studying non-professional courses in Degree colleges of AP. The ever increasing prominence of India on the global map has paved way for a growing demand for hard working and talented students good in computer skills, communication skills and industry related skills. The doors of global job market are opened to students who can speak fluently, compute quickly, write legibly and analyze logically. Jawahar Knowledge Centre’s primary aim is to provide intensive training to students in employable skills and enable students avail themselves of the bright opportunities in the global job market. Remarkably, the centers are best utilized by the poorest of the poor and marginalized sections of the society. Students from rural areas who have no access to advantages experienced by their urban counterparts are provided the latest technologies and opportunities to upgrade their skills and encouraged to compete for better standards of living.

Objectives :

          To impart training through Industry & Academic experts in close interaction to produce readily employable graduates.

          To ensure that socially and economically challenged sections are proportionately represented in the IT employment.

          To provide a conducive environment for learning by doing in colleges.

          To empower students of rural areas so as to bridge the urban - rural divide.

          To undertake research that would benefit the society.

          To develop and deploy E-Governance applications in cost effective manner.

Programs conducted so far through JKC in A.S.D.Govt.Degree College:

Campus Connect : With a focus to produce quality human resources, JKC joined hands with Infosys Campus Connect initiative to roll out the Foundation Program & Soft skills in Degree streams.

Faculty Enablement Workshops : Faculties of A.S.D.Govt.Degree College would get chance to participate in several industrial workshops organized by IEG - JKC with its industry partners.

Workshops for students : Students of A.S.D.Govt.Degree College participate in the career counseling workshops, seminars, competitions, etc., organized by - JKC or supported by JKC.

Certifications in various technologies : Registered students of these institutions are getting complete waiver / Free price for participating and getting the industrial certifications like ORACLE, Microsoft,SAP etc.,

Campus Placements : Registered students of A.S.D.Govt.Degree College get the opportunities to participate in the campus recruitment events organized by – JKC.

Aspirations : Infosys organizes ASPIRATIONS Contest (a competition to test the students capabilities in various skills like problem solving, etc.) through JKCs.

Sharing of Software tools : Oracle has come forward to share its tools and software to college and students registered with JKC. Microsoft has agreed to give free software access to all JKC students.

Current Programs

  • Foundation Programs is going on for Degree Students.
  • Soft Skills Training Programme for All Department students.

Training and Placement Support:

  Support@A.S.D.Govt.Degree College

Placement through campus interviews:

From the inception A.S.D.Govt.Degree College has been attaching lot of importance to placement of its students. To facilitate that, the members of Staff and Placement Cell have called on the CEOs and HR Executives of various companies. It has organized Industry - Institute interaction meets to identify the gaps between the curriculum and  the industry requirement, so that the gaps could be filled by designed ' Bridge Courses 'offered at the college. Most sought - after skills at the current times are recommended to be learnt to improve employability.

The number of companies visiting institutions of the society increased year after year and more companies are convinced to visit for campus Placements to get quality associates.Company senior executives are being invited to visit the college to see the facilities and to address the students on various technical topics and behavioral sciences etc., to help improve the acceptability of A.S.D.Govt.Degree College candidates.

A.S.D.Govt.Degree College also strives to encourage its students to become entrepreneurs under the " Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) ". Necessary information input is given.Students are motivated to work in teams doing mini - projects and also innovate. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell has funding from the " Ministry of MSME (Medium,Small and Micro Enterprises).

A good number of reputed companies, including MNCs like CA,XILINX, Convergys and IT Services companies like Infosys have conducted Campus selections. About 75% of the eligible students have been placed in the last couple of years.