Code of Conduct for Non-Teaching

  1. Non-Teaching staff working in the College office or departments should remain on Duty during College hours (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.). They should report for duty atleast 30 minutes in advance (9.00 a.m.)

  2. Non-Teaching staff must always wear their identity badge during working hours.

  3. Non-Teaching Staff assigned to Laboratories should keep the Labs clean.

  4. Any Loss or damage to any article in the Lab or Class Room should be reported to the HOD in writing immediately.

  5. Non-Teaching Staff, working in the Lab, shall maintain a stock register for all the articles, equipments, chemicals, etc. It shall be submitted to the HOD and the Principal at the end of each semester and their signatures obtained.

  6. For articles damaged by the students a separate register should be maintained and if any money is collected from the student towards damages, as per the direction of the HOD, the amount shall be handed over to the College Accounts Staff, for deposit in the College account.

  7. Non-teaching staff will carry out their duties as instructed by the authorities to whom they are attached.

  8. Non-Teaching staff shall not leave the College premises without permission before 5.00 p.m.